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Aug 19

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Time to exchange energy again

I’ve just been accepted on to the AcroYoga Level 2 Teacher Training. This is scary and exciting! Time to get into action and earn some money.

Nothing excites me more than AcroYoga. The training and sharing of AcroYoga is a major of my love affair with it. With your help I can get to the Level 2 Teacher Training in Mexico this November so that I can get keep on the journey of becoming the best I can.

I’d like to invite you to join me on my quest to sell 40 Heart Hands – Thai Yoga Massages in the next 40 days.

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Some of you might recall that I did something similar to this two years ago, for Level 1 teacher training. One of the biggest results I got from that experience was the idea of coming from abundance.

It really struck a chord with me. I set sail on a sea of faith with nothing to believe except that, perhaps, faith in abundance would be enough to create it. It taught me that not behaving in a survival-based and fearful way was worthwhile; that having faith, not belief, in abundance would affect how I occurred to the world and how the world occurred to me.

Everything was going well – abundance abounded. But then, some time around April last year, I overshot. I took on too much and I burned out. I began making more and more demands of my energy reserves. Eventually I started to get ill: persistent sore throat and laryngitis as well as cold after cold. My energy never rose above a quarter tank. When I was fine I was fine but I frequently ran out of resources suddenly and completely.

The outcome of this was that I let people down a lot. The idea of abundance was out of the window. All I could feel was a lack of energy, which led to a lack in other areas too.

2015 has been a tough year so far. It’s been blighted by this chronic tiredness, as well as a broken foot, lots of illnesses, back issues and, right now, nerve damage in my right arm from sleeping on it wrong, of all things.

But now I’ve been accepted on to the Level 2 teacher training for AcroYoga. Things are finally on the up and up!

AcroYoga and my Thai Yoga Massage inspire me so much. I’m learning constantly and finally I feel as though I have energy to exchange. Suddenly I remember the dream I once had about abundance. Suddenly this elusive bubble called faith appears again. When we give we receive. When we give openly, it opens us further. This openness leaves us more open to receive too. When you think about it, it’s as obvious as it is intangible.

Primarily, this is a celebration of having the energy to share again as well as raising funds for my Level 2 AcroYoga training. The more I learn, the more I realise that I have to learn. The more I learn, the humbler I become. This is good medicine for me.

These massages will be exchanged on a donation basis. The suggested donation is £40 (already a £10 discount on my normal price) but you are free to donate whatever amount works for you right now in exchange for an hour-long Thai Yoga Massage. Each donation will receive a voucher for a massage.

With love and trust in abundance,

Neilon x

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Offer Ends 28th September

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