A practitioner of yoga and martial arts since the age of ten, Neilon's lifelong commitment to understanding body dynamics was ignited by these practices and further catalysed by his encounter with a congenital back condition known as spondylolisthesis at thirteen. This personal health challenge sparked a deep interest in the human body, its potentials, and its integral role in holistic well-being as he explored every practice and therapy he could find to try and find relief from his chronic pain.

Following this, Neilon pursued an Honours Bachelor's degree in Zoology, merging his intuitive grasp of the body with a grounded scientific approach. This unique blend of science and intuition laid the foundation for his future endeavours and allowed him to understand the intricate interconnectedness of all life forms.

After an extended period of working in offices, Neilon embarked on an exciting detour as a full-time DJ and producer. However, the call to facilitate health and well-being through the body soon led him back to his true passion. He channelled this passion into a new direction, becoming a personal trainer and embarking on a professional journey dedicated to fostering health and wellness.

It was soon after moving to Brighton that Neilon was introduced to Thai Yoga Massage through discovering AcroYoga, which combines yoga, acrobatics and Thai Yoga Massage. He was immediately drawn to the embodiment of Metta, or loving kindness, in the practice, recognising it as the missing element from his previous massage experiences. This resonated deeply with him, and he soon certified as a Thai Yoga Massage practitioner and went on to qualify as an AcroYoga teacher and started Brighton's first AcroYoga class.

Today, Neilon continues to dedicate his life to promoting holistic well-being. In addition to offering personal training, AcroYoga teaching, wellness retreats, he practices Thai Yoga Massage and provides well-being coaching through BodyFirst, a life ecology system he developed.

With over four decades of experience in yoga and martial arts, coupled with his scientific background and personal journey to wellness, Neilon offers a uniquely comprehensive approach to health and well-being. His diverse experience, knowledge, and intuition have culminated in Heart Hands Thai Yoga Massage in Brighton. This therapeutic treatment is a testament to Neilon's commitment to bridging the gap between science and spirit, providing a transformative healing experience for his clients.

Join Neilon on a journey to better health, one that's inspired by loving kindness, grounded in scientific understanding, and enriched by a lifetime dedication to movement and holistic well-being.

Sports Recovery

Thai massage tailored to sports and training recovery.


Whether it is an achey heart, plantar fasciitis, dodgy shoulders or migraines, Heart Hands Thai Massage can help


Quality Service. Attention to Detail.
Relaxation at its best.

Deep level treatment2 hours£ 110
Standard full body1.5 hours£ 80
Full body, basic level60 min£ 60
Quick fix30 min£ 35

Thai Yoga Massage

Thai massage is an ancient healing art


Destress and release

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