Discover the Wonders of Thai Yoga Massage

Embark on a journey of holistic healing with Thai Yoga Massage, an ancient therapy known for its deeply therapeutic properties. This treatment blends massage and stretching techniques, reviving and realigning your energy, while soothing overworked and tension-riddled muscles.

As a full-body therapy, it comprehensively addresses common issues such as stiff shoulders, headaches, backaches, and stress, including difficulty sleeping. With prices ranging from £35 for a 30-minute session to a luxurious 2-hour experience at £110, we offer treatments to accommodate all budgets. Our approach to Thai Yoga Massage incorporates assisted yoga-like stretches and massage, concentrating on pressure points, joints, and muscles, all on a warm, comfortable futon mat. Importantly, you remain fully dressed throughout the session.

Our practitioner, Neilon, ensures each session is personal and high-quality by conducting no more than two treatments daily. For convenient bookings, reach out to Neilon directly via call or text at 07956 200273.

Thai Yoga Massage, also known as Nuad Boran, has a rich history stretching back over 2,500 years. It fuses various massage techniques, acupressure, trigger point therapy, and mobilisation, enriched with the advantages of yoga-like stretches. This unique combination offers both rejuvenation and invigoration, helping alleviate numerous health conditions. Thai Yoga Massage is a holistic treatment that encapsulates multiple massage forms, forming a harmonious synergy for comprehensive well-being.

For further insights into the fascinating history of Thai massage, please refer to our dedicated post.

Experience the Remarkable Benefits of Thai Yoga Massage

Thai Yoga Massage offers an array of benefits to enhance your physical and mental well-being. Key advantages include managing stress, inducing relaxation, addressing back, neck, and shoulder discomfort, treating plantar fasciitis, improving flexibility, aiding sports recovery, mitigating migraines, and promoting better sleep. Experience these and more as you dive into the soothing world of Thai Yoga Massage.

I’ve listed many of the benefits of Thai Yoga Massage below with links to relevant studies.

  • “The potential benefits of massage could be useful to a broad spectrum of individuals including the elderly, those suffering from musculoskeletal injuries and patients with chronic inflammatory disease. This study provides evidence that manipulative therapies, such as massage, may be justifiable in medical practice.” (link)
  • Stimulates immune system and reduces cortisol, the stress hormone 
  • Acute and sub-acute pain reduction – better than usual medical care! 
  • Relief from chronic back pain 
  • Reconnect with body and develop emotional resilience 
  • Stress reduction (link)
  • Reduces blood pressure (link)
  • Reduces depression 
  • Neck mobilisation helps whiplash recovery 
  • Improved mood state and better tolerance to pain (link)
  • Relief of pain, physical and emotional distress as well as improvement in quality of life 
  • Relief from chronic neck pain – (link)
  • Long term relief from lower back pain (link)
  • Reduce pain and speed up recovery after exercise (link)
  • Reduces inflammation (link) (link)
  • Reducing tension headaches (link)
  • Light touch increases oxytocin, the contentment/love hormone, decreases in adrenal corticotropin hormone, which releases cortisol (link)
  • Accupresure – reduction in acute and sub-acute back and neck 
  • Aids healing from injuries
  • Trigger point therapy – pressing those perfect spots and releasing muscle knots 
  • Lowers sympathetic (stress) nervous system and increases parasympathetic (relaxing) nervous system (link)

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